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Challenges - Digital Day
Startup Profile
Startup Profile

For the first edition of the program Andrade Gutierrez is looking for startups with technological and/or digital solutions to be applied in a transmission line project that will have a great impact on the country.



All solutions presented must be at least at the MVP stage and lead to efficiency gains that reduce the costs of the project.

All proposals will be assessed. The best ones will go through a two-week refining stage with project's Technical Committee. These solutions will be presented in detail during the Digital Day event.



Participants must focus their solutions on three big challenges: Materials - Engineering and Executive Methodology - Equipment.


Adoption of new materials and new ways to produce and manage them that can lead to better performance, both in terms of management and applied to the works. Main challenges:

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Critical materials Metallic structure and cables, materials for concrete foundations, labor inputs (meals, PPE, tools, among others).

Sample challenges How to optimize the delivery and use of factory-assembled wind tower packages in the work fronts. How to optimize the delivery and use of reinforced concrete inputs in foundations to avoid faults and waste. How to optimize logistics to minimize waste in all the stages of the works. How to use emerging technologies to make worker accommodations and construction site solutions more efficient. How to rationalize the delivery of meals.

Sample technologies High-tech concrete, 3D printing to manufacture small parts on site, RFID to manage supplies, IoT to automate internal logistics.

What we do not want Solutions that alter the specifications of cables and structures. Solutions that fail to reduce the total construction costs.

Engineering and Executive Methodology

Incorporate new ways of organizing work and methodologies to carry out engineering projects through collaboration tools and digitization processes.

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Critical methodologies Transmission lines: foundation, assembly and stringing. Civil works, electrical and electromechanical assembly, and commissioning of substations.

Sample challenges How to optimize height-related activities like cable stapling. How to rationalize tower crane assembly and cable stringing with puller tensioners. How to optimize soil characterization. How to rationalize OPGW cable splicing. How to rationalize commissioning inspection and management processes. How to optimize worker training, especially to perform high risk activities and to operate cranes. How to achieve greater precision in weather forecasts and minimize the impacts of storms. How to optimize plant mapping for species classification.

Sample technologies Document and note management applications; digitizing inspection processes through apps; cable stringing with drones; using virtual reality in trainings; applying augmented reality in tower assembly; using sensors in weather forecasting.

What we do not want Applications with generic processes (not customizable) to manage the works. Solutions that fail to reduce the total construction costs.


Enable deployment of new equipment and technologies that foster a substantial increase in tower assembly and cable stringing productivity.

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Critical equipment Puller tensioners, cranes, automatic concrete mixer, transportation equipment.

Sample challenges How to structure a system to collect and analyze data in remote locations without telephone or internet access. How to use information generated by geolocalization equipment to increase productivity. How to automate a customized rigging plan. How to optimize the use of tower cranes. What new solutions can optimize this activity. How to optimize the relocation of labor and equipment.

Sample technologies Predictive maintenance using sensors (IoT), automated equipment regulations control, using analytics to optimize relocations, using autonomous vehicles for transport.

What we do not want Solutions that fail to reduce the total construction costs.


Registration of engineering solutions targeting the proposed challenges.

1 to 22 August

Analysis and selection of solutions.

23 to 29 August

Presentation by selected startups during Digital Day in São Paulo.

12 September

Analysis and development of selected solutions.

6 months to 1 year