Create solutions for transmission lines

Electricity transmission lines connect power generation sources to local consumers like households, businesses and industries, constituting an important link in the national electricity system.

The main elements of the electricity transmission system are towers, cables, insulators and substations.

Towers – are structural elements whose function is to support the cables at a safe height, protecting people, vehicles, animals and plants.

Cables – are highly resistant wires that conduct high voltage electricity.

Insulators – are installed to prevent energy from dissipating and are usually made of polymers, ceramic or glass.

Substations – transform voltage from high to low or vice versa and retransmit electricity in an appropriate format for final use.

Andrade Gutierrez will be responsible for building 2,200 km of electricity transmission lines in which it will implement the most innovative solutions of Digital Day. The lots are located in the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Pará and Piauí.

Since they extend across of thousands of kilometers involved, logistical aspects will be very important in their construction projects.

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