An innovative future starts by using materials more efficiently

Digital Day

Through the Digital Day Innovation Program Andrade Gutierrez will establish partnerships with companies that own innovative technological solutions for the Engineering and Construction sector, focusing on projects to build transmission lines.


Participating startups must present proposals related to at least one of these three themes:

– Materials, Engineering and Executive Methodology, and Equipment. Today we’ll go into more detail about “Materials”.

Solutions For Materials

For the first theme, Materials, companies must show impacting solutions capable of improving performance, both in management and in the works, reducing the total construction costs based on unique materials and new managerial and administrative practices.

Metallic structure and cables, materials for concrete foundations and labor inputs (meals, PPE, tools, among others) are of the utmost importance for transmission lines.

Examples of such technologies include high-tech concrete, 3D printing to manufacture small parts on site, RFID to manage supplies and IoT to automate internal logistics.

It’s important to note that solutions may not alter the specifications of cables or structures.

“We’re focusing on using resources more and more rationally, including essential materials to carry out our projects and supplies to meet our staff’s needs—like water and food for advanced work fronts. Metallic towers are important structures that sustain the cables across the entire length of a transmission line, and managing them throughout a project requires highly efficient logistics. Optimizing cable lots and their delivery to the work fronts is crucial for a project. Making and applying concrete in foundations is always a critical factor and we believe that industrializing the process is the best way ahead”.

André Alcantara (Operation Manager)

Challenges For Materials

– How to optimize the delivery and use of factory-assembled wind tower packages in the work fronts.

– How to optimize the delivery and use of reinforced concrete inputs in foundations to avoid faults and waste.

– How to optimize logistics to minimize waste in all the stages of the works.

– How to use emerging technologies to make worker accommodation and construction site solutions more efficient.

– How to rationalize the delivery of meals.


Register if you have innovative solutions for these challenges.  The time has come to take an important step towards a more creative, brighter and transformative future.

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