New engineering and methodology solutions

Digital Day

Through its Digital Day Innovation Program Andrade Gutierrez is looking for partner companies that have innovative ideas and technological solutions for the Engineering and Construction sector, focusing on projects to build transmission lines. It’s a great opportunity for your startup to shine.


Participating companies must present proposals related to at least one of these three themes:

Materials, Engineering and Executive Methodology, and Equipment.

Engineering and Executive Methodolody Solutions

For the third theme, Engineering and Executive Methodology, startups will need to present proposals about new ways of organizing work and managing resources or new methodologies for the works that reduce the total construction costs, among others by using collaboration tools and IoT or digitizing processes.

AG considers that the most important methodologies are those related to transmission line foundations, assembly and stringing, as well as to civil works, electrical and electromechanical assembly and commissioning of substations.

Some examples of such technologies are: document and note management applications, digitizing inspection processes through apps, cable stringing with drones, using virtual reality in trainings, applying augmented reality in tower assembly, and using sensors in weather forecasting.

It’s important to note that applications must be able to be tailored for works management.

Engineering and Executive Methodolody Challenges

– How to optimize height-related activities like cable stapling.

– How to rationalize tower crane assembly and cable stringing with puller tensioners.

– How to optimize soil characterization.

– How to rationalize OPGW cable splicing.

– How to rationalize commissioning inspection and management processes.

– How to optimize worker training, especially to perform high risk activities and to operate cranes.

– How to achieve greater precision in weather forecasts and minimize the impacts of storms.

– How to optimize plant mapping for species classification.


If you have innovative solutions for these challenges, enroll.  The time has come to take an important step towards a more creative, brighter and transformative future.

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