Renewing the future through excellence in equipment

Digital Day

Digital Day is an innovation program designed to foster ties between Andrade Gutierrez and innovative companies that own technological solutions for AG’s Engineering and Construction sector, focusing on transmission line projects. Make the future happen with your startup.


Participating companies must present proposals for at least one of these three themes:

– Materials, Engineering and Executive Methodology, and Equipment.

Solutions For Equipament

For the second theme, equipment, startups must present projects for new equipment and technologies that significantly increase productivity in project equipment considered critical, like tower assembly and cable stringing machinery, thus reducing total construction costs.

Critical equipment includes puller tensioners, cranes, automatic concrete mixers and transportation equipment.

Some examples of technologies are predictive maintenance using sensors (IoT), automated equipment regulations control, using analytics to optimize relocations, and using autonomous vehicles for transport.

Challenges For Equipament

– How to structure a system to collect and analyze data in remote locations without telephone or internet access.

– How to use information generated by geolocalization equipment to increase productivity.

– How to automate a customized rigging plan.

– How to optimize the use of tower cranes. What new solutions can optimize this activity.

– How to optimize the relocation of labor and equipment.


Register if you have innovative solutions to our challenges.  It’s time to take an important step towards a more creative, brighter and transformative future.

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